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General Sees Need To Develop New, Lower-Cost Lifter, Plus Sats Protection Plan

Hamel Sees Six-Month Delay In AEHF Launch Budget Cut May Delay GPS III The United States needs to develop a new lower-cost satellite launcher, Lt. Gen. Michael A. Hamel, commander of the Space and Missile Systems Center in the Air Force Space Command, said. That new rocket would have a reusable first stage, and an […]

NASA Reported Losing $1 Billion To Pay For Columbia Recovery

Cost Of Flying Orion Manned Mission Two Years Earlier $2 Billion A House-Senate conference committee killed a $1 billion addition to the NASA budget to help the space agency recoup its financial losses suffered in the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster, Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison of Texas said. A hearing brought forth the fact that NASA […]


Raytheon Gains $17 Million Contract To Build TOW Missiles For Canada The Army gave Raytheon Co. [RTN] a $17 million contract to build 462 TOW (Tube-Launched, Optically-Tracked, Wire-Guided) Bunker Buster missiles for the Canadian Army. The Canadian contract is the first international sale of the TOW Bunker Buster missile, which employs a fragmenting, high-explosive warhead […]


Ariane 5 Said To Boost Record Heavy Payload: U.K., Brazilian Satellites The Ariane 5 giant rocket set another heavy-lift record by placing a U.K. military relay platform and Brazil’s new multi-mission telecommunications satellite into geostationary transfer orbit, according to Arianspace. The total payload delivery weight was 9,535 kg (10.5 tons), which included 8,735 kg (9.6 […]

Key Lawmaker Hails Report That Iran Operates Huge Nuclear Production Works

A new report shows that Iran clearly is pressing ahead with a massive nuclear materials enrichment operation, and should be stopped, Rep. Duncan Hunter of California, ranking Republican on the House Armed Services Committee, said. Iran is taking the steps needed to begin building nuclear weapons, Hunter warned. The United States, United Nations and other […]

Commission Sees China Gaining Ability To Confront U.S. Forces

As China wields hundreds of land-based missiles and builds two ballistic missile submarines, it is gaining the ability to tackle U.S. forces in combat, an American commission reported to Congress. “The Commission concluded that China is developing its military in ways that enhance its capacity to confront America,” posing a threat to U.S. Navy aircraft […]

Germany May Send Spacecraft To Orbit Moon

Germany may send an unmanned spacecraft to orbit the moon within five years, though no manned mission is planned at this time, DW-World.DE reported. No final decision has been made on whether the unmanned lunar probe actually will be launched by Germany, which also is a member of the European Space Agency (ESA). Germany would […]


Raytheon Gains $45 Million Navy Aegis Work The Navy gave Raytheon Co. [RTN] a five-year, $45 million contract for performance-based logistics for the Aegis weapons system. Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems will perform repairs and provide spares for the AN/SPY-1 radar and MK 99 Fire Control System, both key components of the Aegis system. Raytheon IDS […]