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Tactics In War On Terror Cause Rethink of Air Force Weapons Designs

By Michael Sirak The Air Force is realizing from recent combat that there is a need to re-examine how it designs some of its air-to-ground weapons, according to senior service munitions developers. There has been ample discussion resulting from the experiences of applying airpower against insurgents in Afghanistan and Iraq on the need for bombs […]

Air Force Moves To Modernize Infrastructure At Weapons Test Ranges

By Michael Sirak The Air Force is pursuing a series of initiatives to modernize the aging infrastructure at its test ranges so that it can accurately evaluate new types of sophisticated weapons and share test equipment among ranges, according to senior service officials. "The equipment is just about worn out at our test ranges," Judy […]

Raytheon: Air Force Used Lased Maverick In Combat For First Time In June

The Air Force employed an AGM-65E laser-guided Maverick surface-attack missile in combat operations for the first time in June, Raytheon [RTN], the missile’s maker, said yesterday. Although the Laser Maverick has been in service for several decades with the Navy and Marine Corps, the Air Force’s decision to start using it came as a result […]

Air Force Issues Draft Revised Solicitation For New Rescue Helicopter

The Air Force recently issued the draft version of its newly revised solicitation for its next-generation rescue helicopter, the CSAR-X, giving the three industry teams vying to supply the aircraft until the end of the month to provide feedback. The draft document, known as Amendment 5, is the Air Force’s newest response to resolve a […]

Wynne: Air Force Would Like To Buy More F-22s

By Michael Sirak Secretary of the Air Force Michael Wynne said last week the Air Force would like to buy an additional 20 F-22 Raptor stealth fighter jets on top of the current 183-aircraft program of record. "Right now what I have asked to do is at least bridge over ’til we actually have a […]

Air Force Buying Laser-Guided Mavericks As Interim Moving-Target Attack Capability

By Michael Sirak The Air Force says it intends to task Raytheon [RTN] soon to supply 450 AGM-65 Maverick surface-attack missiles with a new laser guidance section as a near-term means to attack moving targets. Service officials say they anticipate awarding a contract to Raytheon next month for the missiles, which are known as Laser […]

Singaporean Air Force Orders 12 Additional F-15SG Fighter Jets

The Singapore Ministry of Defence (MoD) on Monday placed an order for 12 additional F-15SG fighter aircraft from Boeing [BA], raising the total number of these multirole jets that it is procuring to 24. This order is a follow-on tasking to the original batch of 12 F-15SGs that Singapore ordered in December 2005 for the […]

Air Force Makes Renewed Case For Managing Inventory Without Legislative Restrictions

By Michael Sirak The Air Force’s leadership made the case once again to Congress earlier this week that legislative restrictions on retiring aircraft that have exceeded their useful service lives are draining away critical resources from the service’s much-needed modernization and recapitalization initiatives. "Our preference would be to be able to manage our own inventory […]

Newest Air Force Communications Satellite Now On Orbit, Being Readied For Use

The Air Force says the first of its Boeing [BA]-built Wideband Global Satellite Communications (WGS) spacecraft was successfully launched into orbit recently, beginning the process of placing a modern constellation in space by early next decade to replace the service’s aging on-orbit communications infrastructure. Following a series of orbital maneuvers and on-orbit testing, the satellite […]

Air Force Says Reaper Armed Unmanned Aircraft Now Operating In Afghanistan

The Air Force has been using its new MQ-9A Reaper armed unmanned aircraft in missions over Afghanistan since late September, the service said recently. The General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, Inc. (GA-ASI)-built Reaper is the larger cousin to the MQ-1 Predator unmanned aircraft system (UAS) that has flown extensively in support of combat operations in Afghanistan […]