Software firm Wind River is teaming with

Curtiss-Wright [CW] to offer a new cyber security and anti-tamper solution to be integrated on aerospace and defense capabilities, the companies said Tuesday.

The partnership involves bringing together Wind River’s Titanium Security security software  and Curtiss-Wright open standard hardware modules for a new solution aimed at protecting advanced technologies from new cyber threats.

“As connectivity and the use of artificial intelligence continue to become more widespread, new types of attacks are emerging. For deployed defense systems, a security breach can have catastrophic consequences,” Chris Wiltsey, senior vice president of Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions, said in a statement. “By working with leaders like Wind River, we can help our customers accelerate their innovation and development cycles while also preparing their defense systems to guard against ever-increasing cyber threats.”

Wind River said its Titanium Security Suite, which is at a Technology Level Readiness of 9, is designed to offer “a variety of proven capabilities to ensure secure, trusted, and controlled execution, as well as protection from cyberattacks, tampering, and reverse engineering.”

With the new partnership, Titanium Security Suite has been integrated and validated on Curtiss-Wright OpenVPX Modiles, including the CHAMP-XD1 and the new CHAMP-XD1S, according to Wind River.

“Being secure through the entire software lifecycle must become a core mantra for connected devices on the intelligent edge,” Michel Genard, Wind River’s vice president for industry solutions, said in a statement. “By collaborating with Curtiss-Wright, we are helping our shared customers integrate security during the design phase, incorporating advanced cybersecurity and technology protections that meet DoD requirements.”