Voyager Space on Monday said it has acquired ZIN Technologies, a small provider of space engineering, manufacturing and integration services, in a deal that expands its capabilities to help with the development of its Starlab commercial space station.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed. ZIN, which is based in Ohio, has about 250 employees.

ZIN has expertise and experience in integrating space-rated hardware and the development of rendezvous, docking and related capabilities, all of which apply to Voyager’s Starlab and complement the company’s existing space infrastructure, Voyager said. ZIN provides services related to development, pre-launch, launch and post-launch checkout of payloads, spacecraft and instruments, science data processing centers that house and process mission data products from the International Space Station (ISS) payloads, and helps international principal investigators to help fly their experiments on the ISS.

“ZIN’s aerospace expertise, strong reputation in the industry, and legacy working with NASA and the ISS, makes them a perfect fit for Starlab and the growing Voyager Space technology ecosystem,” Matthew Kuta, president and chief operating officer (COO) of Denver-based Voyager, said in a statement. “ZIN has already played a crucial role as a capability provider to Starlab and as a founding leadership team member of the George Washington Carver Science Park.” The park is located at Ohio State Univ.

ZIN’s COO Carlos Grodsinsky is being promoted to president of ZIN.

ZIN has worked with NASA for more than 50 years and provides engineered solutions for launch vehicles, low Earth orbit projects, spacecraft, the Space Shuttle, Russia’s MIR space station, the ISS, the Dream Chaser space plane, and Starlab.