The Port of Corpus Christi, Texas, has selected Siemens Building Technologies, Inc. (SBT) to upgrade the capabilities of an ongoing expansion of the port’s video surveillance system by incorporating the Siemens Siveillance SiteIQ video analytics management platform. An earlier version of SiteIQ is already in use at the port, which has a 130 camera network. For the expansion the port is adding more than 80 new cameras and will add the Siveillance SiteIQ version 3.2 software platform, which combines situational analysis, decision-making, and command and control functionality into a single interface. Design of the expanded camera network is underway and installation is expected to be completed by year-end. The SiteIQ deployment will be the largest ever. SBT, a business of Siemens [SI], says the expanded camera network will be one of the largest video-analytics based surveillance systems in the U.S. SBT is working with local contractors Bath Engineering and RVE on the project.