The Statement Department on Monday said it has approved a potential $55.3 million foreign military sale (FMS) of the Raytheon Technologies [RTX]-bult Rolling Airframe Missile (RAM) Block 2 tactical missiles to Japan.

Japan is seeking up to 51 RAM Block 2 missiles and related equipment.

The RAM is a ship-fired, fire-and-forget guided missile weapon for ship self-defense. The Block 2 variant features a larger rocket motor, advanced control section and improved radio frequency receiver that can detect the “quietest of threat emitters,” Raytheon Technologies says on its website.

“The improvements make the missile two and a half times more maneuverable, with one and a half times the effective intercept range,” the company says.

The State Department said the missiles will significantly improve Japan’s defense over East Asian and Wester Pacific air and sea-lines of communication.

The RAM guided missile weapon system is deployed on more than 165 ships in 11 countries, Raytheon Technologies says.