The Department of State on Tuesday said it has approved a potential $74 million foreign military sale (FMS) to Brazil of Javelin launchers and missiles to meet anti-armor needs of the Brazilian army.

The Defense Department notified Congress of the potential FMS deal on Tuesday.

The contractor for the FMS is the Javelin Joint Venture between Raytheon Technologies [RTX] and Lockheed Martin [LMT].

The proposed sale includes up to 222 FGM-148 missiles and 33 Javelin Command Launch Units, as well as associated training, simulation rounds, technical assistance, and logistical and program support.

If the sale goes through, this would be the first time Brazil has purchased the Javelin system, which is part of that country’s force modernization, a Department of State spokesperson told Defense Daily.

The man-portable fire-and-forget Javelin anti-tank system was first deployed in 1996 and most recently has seen heavy action by the Ukrainian military against Russian forces invading their country.

The State Department said the sale won’t hinder the readiness of U.S. defenses. It also said the deal will support U.S. foreign policy and national security objectives by supporting an important regional partner in South America.