The National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) plans by Oct. 31 to have permanent leadership for the three new procurement- and infrastructure-focused offices it created last year when it broke up the former Office of Acquisition and Project Management, according to a Government Accountability Office report published Tuesday.

The agency “will establish specific outcome-oriented goals and performance measures for the three organizations created by the July 2022 reorganization after selection and on-boarding of their permanent leadership,” Administrator Jill Hruby wrote in a Dec. 16 letter to the Government Accountability Office. “The estimated date for completing this action is October 31, 2023.”

The Government Accountability Office appended the letter to a new report,

Fully Incorporating Key Practices for Agency Reform Would Benefit Any Future Organizational Changes, that it published online Tuesday afternoon. Congress ordered the office to write the report as part of a fiscal-year 2020 appropriations bill. 

NNSA wrapped up the restructuring of its headquarters-based procurement and infrastructure bureaucracy in August. The Government Accountability Office found that this reorganization did not adhere to the NNSA’s own practices for agency reform.

“NNSA did not clearly define a mission need, consistent with its policy. Also, NNSA did not establish specific outcome-oriented goals and performance measures, consistent with key practices for agency reform,” the Government Accountability Office wrote in the report.

As of Wednesday morning, the NNSA’s website still listed interim leaders for all three of the new organizations created by the summer shakeup: Peter Rodrik was listed as the acting associate administrator for partnership and acquisition services, or NA-PAS. Ken Sheely was listed as the acting associate administrator for infrastructure, or NA-90. Dan Sigg was listed as the acting associate administrator for environment, safety and health, or NA-ESH.

This story first appeared in Defense Daily affiliate publication Weapons Complex Morning Briefing.