The National Geospatial Intelligence Agency (NGA) last Thursday solicited proposals for a follow-on small business effort to supply the agency with a broad array of enterprise support services over five years.

The $947 million CLOVER acquisition vehicle will succeed NGA’s Enterprise Services support contract EMERALD that was awarded in 2017 to six small companies.

Through CLOVER, NGA will procure services through three lines of effort, including lifecycle acquisition management, financial management, and strategic business management. Awards are expected next spring with the potential period of performance running from May 2022 through May 2027 if all option years are exercised.

The NGA said the said the scope of work under CLOVER is similar but “not identical” to EMERALD.

The NGA currently provides geospatial intelligence (GEOINT) products to warfighters and other users. The future goal is to move away from providing products to providing information services, the agency said.

“The legacy business model must also transform into a more flexible and agile support process,” the Dec. 9 Request for Proposals (RFP) said. “The CLOVER contract manages enterprise-level business management solutions, and will be key in the execution o the NSG (National System for Geospatial Intelligence).”

The RFP also said that given increased congressional scrutiny of federal contractor support combined with budget reductions, there is more pressure to spend resources cost effectively.

“Therefore, the current support services approach is moving away from the old ‘stove-piped’ frameworks and towards mission support with a functionally-organized, capability-based framework, incorporating objective- and performance-based acquisition strategies into the CLOVER approach,” the RFP said.

Offers are due by Jan. 25, 2022.

Work under the $849 million EMERALD contract vehicle is performed by Agile Support Alliance Joint Venture, Knowledge Link, New River Systems, S2 Analytical Solutions, St. Michaels Inc., and WiSC Enterprises.