The Navy on May 29 announced Information Warfare Research Project (IWRP) consortium virtual quarterly industry days are set to be held on June 8-11 covering various technologies and topics like 5G, communication buoys, and information technology.

The event, sponsored by Naval Information Warfare Center Atlantic and Naval Information Warfare Center Pacific, is set to include briefings on the IWRP, consortium operations, presentation of technical briefs, and one-on-one break-out teleconferences.

The new logo for Naval Information Warfare Systems Command (NAVWARSYSCOM), formerly Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command (SPAWARSYSCOM). Image: U.S. Navy
Logo for the Naval Information Warfare Systems Command (NAVWARSYSCOM), formerly Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command (SPAWARSYSCOM). (Image: U.S. Navy)

The Navy anticipates 10 topics from the industry days will later become the basis of upcoming Request for Prototype Projects (RPP) to IWRP consortium members, but this effort alone is not an RPP.

The Navy expects the RPPs will cover white papers, enhanced white papers, or full proposals to be solicited.

The 10 topics are:

  • IWRP Process Improvement: The government seeks a tool providing the following for the IWRP: (1) A workflow tool for entry point and repository for all Statements of Work and Quad Charts, with search capability. (2) Tie-in with Basket Provision for search / discovery of Basket Proposals.
  • HTLx-T2 Software Defined Radio Software Enhancements: The government seeks capability enhancements for High Frequency (HF) Reactive Jam (RJ) and Multiple Amplifier Support to the SDR software baseline supporting the HTLx-T2, HTLv-1 and HTLv-2 hardware.
  • Signature Management (SIGMAN) Multi-Spectral Emitter Light: Obtain a multispectral emitter hardware solution for the SIGMAN Program of Record. The hardware needs to measure predefined Signals of Interest and be networked via cable or over-the-air.
  • Legal and Law Enforcement System: The scope of this requirement includes a DON data collection, case management, and court reporting capability. The solution must be a SaaS cloud service or be delivered as part of an approved cloud service.
  • NAVY 311 Shared Data Environment/Cloud Migration: Navy 311 will provide non‐ tactical, on‐demand and pre‐positioned informational assistance on par with 311 non- emergency services now available throughout many major U.S. cities.
  • My Navy HR Training Modernization/IT User Interface Study for the Naval Education and Training Command: The government is seeking a common User Interface (UI) that provides easy access to HR and Training resources. The UI should automate, enhance and adapt to individual Sailors career-continuum needs.
  • 5G-NextG Nellis Network Enhancements: The government is seeking prototypes for 5G Network Enhancements with features such as: network slicing, software defined networking, network function virtualization, private cloud instantiations, user-defined routing, secure IoT, waveform manipulation, beam forming, and interoperability with legacy and future generations of cellular/mobile networking.
  • 5G-NextG Nellis C2 Apps: The government is seeking 5G prototypes for software applications that efficiently accomplish Ephemeral Dispersed Global Entangled Command and Control and Tactical Reload tasks and missions, and physical computer devices designed to enhance human-machine interface beyond graphic user interface, including haptics, audio, gestures, Augmented Reality devices, etc.
  • Bouy Crate: This effort is focused on prototyping a new shipping container design for a submarine communication buoy.
  • Buoy Launch Control System: The government is seeking to prototype a re-design of a legacy submarine launcher control system for communications buoys.