The German Bundeswehr (German Federal Armed Forces) awarded QGroup, a partner of General Dynamics [GD], a contract to deploy and maintain security appliances to secure IT networks, GD said Feb. 15.

The contract calls for the companies to deploy and maintain the QTrust Server security appliances, which is based on GD’s Pitbull Trusted Operating System (PitBull). GD and QGroup will provide capabilities to improve the security of the Bundeswehr’s IT infrastructure.

GD highlighted PitBull provides multi-level security by providing access and integrity controls required to protect information at multiple levels. “With heightened focus on protecting information from both internal and external threats, PitBull’s compartmentalization ensures the integrity and control of data is maintained, while data spillage is contained in the event of a breach,” the company said.

“Our strong partnership with General Dynamics Mission Systems enables us to create highly secure products for the needs of our customers which provide a perfect balance of security and functionality in simple to administer products. Their knowledge and experience combined with our expertise enable us to support our long lasting customer Bundeswehr to reach a new level of security inside their infrastructure,” Thomas Blumenthal, CEO of QGroup, said in a statement.

“We are convinced that this is only the first step to be used as blueprint for future projects, Blumenthal added.

Nadia Short, vice president and general manager of the Cyber Systems business line at GD Mission Systems, agreed with Blumenthal.

“Our team’s unique offering and insight will strengthen the Bundeswehr’s systems critical to their mission,” she said.