General Dynamics [GD] recently said it has agreed to acquire Fidelis Security Systems, Inc., adding a new capability for detecting and preventing advanced persistent threats (APT) in cyber space as well as providing it with additional commercial customers.
Terms of the deal, which is expected to close in the third quarter of 2012, were not disclosed.
Fidelis, which is based in Massachusetts, provides a deep session inspection software platform that it offers its customers either as a hardware or virtual appliance, Peter George, president and CEO of Fidelis, said The technology sits in a customer’s computer network and monitors applications and content and finds threats unlike any other product, he said.
Fidelis is “the only company in the world” than can give its customers visibility on threats as they enter the network, propagate throughout a network and then as they attempt to exfiltrate the network with stolen data, George said.
The product also works in real-time to prevent data that an adversary is attempting to steal from leaving a network, George added.
GD already has a cyber security team that supports customers in the federal and commercial markets and the acquisition of Fidelis adds “world class technology” for detecting advanced persistent threats, John Jolly, vice president and general manager for the Cyber Systems Division at GD’s Advanced Information Systems business, said.
“And what we’re also bringing is combining their existing threat intelligence with some of our threat intelligence to create a stronger product and we think all three of those things are critical to solving the APT problem and for addressing the enterprise information technology security problem of many of our customers,” Jolly said.

Fidelis has 70 employees. The company’s products are in use with 42 government agencies, including some within the intelligence community, and a range of Fortune 1000 commercial customers that include
IBM [IBM] and GlaxoSmithKline [GSK], George said. Being part of GD will open doors to additional customers, he said.
Fidelis will become part of GD Advanced Information Systems once the transaction closes.