Fidelis Cybersecurity began operations as a standalone company after its sale from General Dynamics [GD] to Marlin Equity Partners was completed, the company said on Monday.

Fidelis provides products and services that protects clients from data theft, financial loss, and reputational damage by allowing them to quickly detect, respond, and remediate cyber breaches. Its main product is Fidelis XPS, a threat defense software solution for detecting and preventing malware infections. Fidelis also has a threat research team and an incident response team, to help customers investigate cyber breaches.

Peter George, President and CEO of Fidelis Cybersecurity. Photo: Fidelis Cybersecurity.
Peter George, President and CEO of Fidelis Cybersecurity. Photo: Fidelis Cybersecurity.

“We are pleased to be partnering with a world-class private equity firm, with a long and proven history of growing technology businesses, to help us accelerate our unique and comprehensive advanced threat defense offering and market position. With Marlin’s support, Fidelis will increase its sales and marketing resources to underscore the value we are bringing to our customers, and in expanding our product capabilities and our channels worldwide,” Peter George, the CEO of Fidellis, said in a statement.

George will continue to serve as CEO, the company said.

“Fidelis and their partners are uniquely positioned to help customers defend themselves against today’s advanced adversaries targeting their most valuable data and assets,” Peter Chung, a principal at Marlin, said.

“Marlin is excited to provide the resources and financial backing to grow Fidelis’ business and channel and solidify its position at the forefront of a market it has led beyond inbound malware prevention to rapid detection and effective response.”

Marlin Equity Partners, headquartered in Los Angeles, Calif., is a global investment firm with over $3 billion of capital under management. It invests in businesses across multiple industries.