Booz Alen Hamilton [BAH] on Tuesday said it has made a strategic investment in Synthetaic

, which has developed artificial intelligence (AI)-based technology that rapidly identifies items of interest in imagery datasets, a deal that will help Booz Allen apply the technology to its customers’ needs.

The size of the investment wasn’t disclosed and was part of a recent $13 million funding round led by the investment firm Lupa Systems.

Synthetaic, which is located outside Milwaukee, said the funding will be used to scale its Rapid Automatic Image Categorization (RAIC) platform and to continue to establish strategic partnerships to analyze some of the world’s largest datasets.

“By automating data labeling at scale, RAIC increases rapid accessibility to AI, allowing users to build models and iterate in a matter of minutes instead of months,” Corey Jaskolski, founder and CEO of Synthetaic, said in a statement.

Synthetaic’s ability to quickly use its technology to create actionable AI-enabled solutions and at lower cost is attractive to Booz Allen.

“Advances in unsupervised machine learning methods present an opportunity to reimagine the AI model development and integration process,” Steve Escaravage, senior vice president and AI business leader at Booz Allen, said in a statement. “Our investment in Synthetaic provides access to technology that will reduce the time and cost to mission impact from AI solutions, which is absolutely critical in national security, defense, and domestic agendas.”