The Army released a request for information Monday exploring the potential for a new medium caliber weapon system (MCWS) for the latest configuration of its Stryker fighting vehicles.

Officials wrote in the RFI notice

the Army is interested in determining industry’s ability to produce a MCWS that utilizes the XM813 30mm cannon for its Double V Hull A1 (DVHA1) Strykers.

Stryker wheeled combat vehicle fitted with a 30mm cannon mounted on a remote weapon station outside General Dynamics’ plant in Detroit, Mich.

The Army previously integrated a new remotely operated MCWS turret, built by General Dynamics [GD], on its Flat Bottom Hull Strykers as a replacement for the vehicles’ Remote Weapon Stations (Defense Daily, Aug. 2017).  

“[We are] now considering the pursuit of  a potential future system to be integrated fleet wide on the DVHA1 chassis,” officials wrote in the RFI notice.

Industry is asked to provide input on currently available MCWS capabilities and capacity to produce new systems, as well as the feasibility of integrating their weapon system on a DVHA1-configuration Stryker.

Officials added that a complete systems-level technical data package for Stryker DVHA1, which is built by General Dynamics Land Systems, is not available for interested vendors.