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Hawks File Bill to Prohibit Spending on Nuke Treaty Extension Talks

A bill introduced Wednesday by Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.), and supported by Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.), would prohibit the Trump administration from extending the primary U.S.-Russia nuclear arms-control treaty beyond 2021 without renegotiating the deal to curtail shorter-range Russian missiles.  The ‘‘Stopping Russian Nuclear Aggression Act’’ would prohibit the executive branch from spending any money […]

House Passes Coast Guard Authorization Bill

The House on Tuesday evening approved by voice vote a two-year authorization bill for the Coast Guard, sending the legislation to President Trump to be signed into law. The bill gives the Coast Guard multi-year contracting authorities for major acquisition programs, allowing the service to acquire assets more efficiently and at lower costs. The bill […]

Commission Advises Senate Panel Against White House’s Proposed Defense Budget Cut

Officials on a commission tasked with reviewing the Pentagon’s current defense strategy advised lawmakers Tuesday against the White House’s plan to push for a flat defense budget and recommended at least three percent growth in annual funding to address eroding military advantages against peer competitors. The co-chairs of the congressionally mandated Commission On The National […]

Official: Policy Reform Needed To Spur Development Of Pentagon’s Next ‘Industrial Revolution’ Capabilities

The Pentagon’s top industrial policy official on Monday said new incentives are needed to ensure the largest defense contractors continue developing future technologies in the U.S. rather than abroad as the department goes after critical force modernization capabilities, such as hypersonics and artificial intelligence, to meet increasing power competition. Eric Chewning, deputy assistant secretary of […]

Brown: House Dems to Reassert Themselves on National Defense Issues in Next Congress

With the Blue Wave pushing new Democratic lawmakers with military backgrounds into the House, expect the next House Armed Services Committee (HASC) to take a scalpel to the defense budget to emphasize value and mission need, and contribute even more to the U.S. national security conversation, said Rep. Anthony Brown (D-Md.). Having new Democratic veterans […]

Trump Remains Bullish on Saudi Arms Sales As Lawmakers Push Bill to Restrict Them

President Trump appears to remain steadfast in his support for Saudi Arabia and committed to pursuing foreign military sales to Riyadh for fear of competition from peer adversaries in a new statement issued Tuesday. In a written statement, the Trump administration lauded the U.S.-Saudi relationship and emphasized the $110 billion in military equipment from companies […]

McCaul Sees Bipartisan Cyber Effort In Next Congress For Grid Security, New International Norms

Rep. Michael McCaul (R-Texas), the outgoing chair of the House Homeland Security Committee and likely top Republican on the next Foreign Affairs Committee, said he will look to push for electrical grid security reforms and the formation of an international cyber doctrine in the face of growing threats from nation-state actors. McCaul told attendees at […]

Report Finds Space Force Could Cost Less than $3 Billion in New Funding

A new independent report released Monday asserts that it will take between $1.5 billion and $2.7 billion over five years to stand up some variation of a separate military branch dedicated to space, assuming the intelligence community is not included. Three potential scenarios for a new space-related military branch are laid out in the report, […]

Despite Proposed Cuts, DoD Protecting Hypersonics, Army Programs, Space and Cyber in FY ’20 Budget

The Defense Department is prioritizing key Army modernization programs, hypersonics development and space and cyber efforts in the next fiscal year budget even as it fleshes out how to meet current and future mission needs while fitting into President Trump’s requested funding cuts, Deputy Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan said Nov. 15. The Pentagon’s number-two civilian […]

DHS, DoD Officials Say New Cyber Security Partnership Bearing Results

A recent agreement between the Departments of Defense and Homeland Security on better detailing roles and responsibilities in protecting the homeland from cyber threats and improving the sharing of related information is already paying dividends and is helping to close to uncover potential security gaps, officials from the departments said on Wednesday. “The good thing […]