The Air Force awarded root9B Technologies a cyber operations training contract worth about $5.3 million, the company said Wednesday.

The contract is a four year Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) with a maximum ceiling of $6.4 million. The agreement directs root9B to provide initial qualification training (IQT) to airmen through an Applied Cyber Operations Training (ACOT) course curriculum. This training is a follow-on course to the Air Force’s already established Cyber Training Pipeline, root9B said.

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“Root9B possesses a unique concentration of former government and military cyber operations experts. The ACOT contract will ensure our knowledge and experience is shared with future cyber operators,” Scott Myers, senior vice president of root9B, said in a statement.

“Root9B is committed to educating our military’s cyber operations workforce. Our goal is to ensure that training is relevant and timely to the mission of our Armed Forces,” Eric Hipkins, CEO of root9B, added.

The company, based in Colorado Springs, Colo., is a provider of cybersecurity and risk mitigation services and training for commercial and government clients. Root9B and IPSA International are wholly owned subsidiaries of root9B Technologies.