Thermo Fisher Scientific Acquires Radiation Detection Device

Thermo Fisher Scientific [TMO] has acquired RIIDEye handheld radio isotope identification device from Princeton Gamma Tech for use in ports, airports, security checkpoints and other areas where security assurance is needed. The units can also be used for remote detection whereby the display unit can be separated from the detector and reconnected with an extender cable. This enables the detector to reach in places such as the underside of a truck or car. The RIIDEye instruments are available in three configurations, the G for gamma identification, the GN for gamma neutron identification, and the G Hi-Res with a lanthanum bromide detector for high resolution readings.

Morpho Detection to Offer Optosecurity Software for Airport Checkpoints

Morpho Detection, Inc., (MDI) and Optosecurity have partnered to enable MDI to deploy and service the Canadian company’s eVelocity Integrated Security Screening Software and XMS Threat Detection Software suites at airports worldwide. The eVelocity software enables checkpoint X-Ray systems, trace detection, walk through metal detectors, and Advanced Imaging Technology machines to be networked, allowing for remote system monitoring, image sharing and centralized screening capabilities. The XMS suite allows existing checkpoint X-Ray systems to be modernized to meet European Civil Aviation Conference-certified Type C automated liquid, aerosol and gel explosives detection capabilities. The companies say this upgrade will extend the life of these X-Ray systems. “This partnership gives airport operators and security directors the opportunity to meet future checkpoint liquids detection mandates and realize operational cost savings, while increasing the accuracy and efficiency of their checkpoint screening programs,” says Brad Buswell, president and CEO of MDI, which is a part of the Safran Group. For Optosecurity, the partnership gives it access to a wider customer base globally.

ORTEC Launches Interchangeable Detector Module

AMETEK’s [AME] ORTEC Products Group has introduced the IDM-200 Interchangeable Detector Module, the latest addition to the company’s Detective Advanced Spectroscopic Portal series of advanced nuclear identifiers. The new, compact high-resolution detector module is suitable for use in nuclear security portal monitors, rail monitors, integrated X-Ray and nuclear monitoring systems, industrial and environmental systems. The IDM-200 is also scalable and be integrated into both new and existing applications. “The new IDM-200 is ultra-compact, yet does not compromise on nuclear identification quality in terms of resolution and sensitivity,” says Johnny Long, ORTEC Product Manager for Homeland Security Products.

SITA, NEC to Provide Automated Border Control Gate Solution

SITA and NEC Europe have agreed to jointly provide an automated border control gate (ABC) solution to meet European Union recommendations for self-service border control using the ABC gates. The partnership combines SITA’s air transport industry experience and market knowledge with NEC’s facial recognition software, NeoFace. The companies say that under normal use their ABC gate helps speed up passenger flows at border control checkpoints while improving security and resource management. The system also offers optional fingerprint verification against e-passport data. Passengers can be processed through the gate in 10 seconds or less.