Defense contractor Raytheon [RTN] announced on Tuesday that their latest integrated air and missile defense radar with 360-degree capability has put in 1,000 hours of operation in the last year, about the half the amount of a typical testing period.

Raytheon’s newest radar has been upgraded with a new gallium nitride (GaN) powered Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) antenna which works in tandem with a second AESA prototype radar pointed in a different direction to provide 360-degree scanning ability.

Raytheon's GaN-powered AESA air and missile defense radar. Photo: Raytheon
Raytheon’s GaN-powered AESA air and missile defense radar. Photo: Raytheon

“We achieved this milestone so quickly because of our successful experience developing and maturing GaN for programs like the U.S. Navy’s Air and Missile Defense Radar,” Director of AESA Programs Doug Burgess said in a statement from Raytheon.

Raytheon’s latest radar is set to work with Northrop Grumman’s Integrated Air and Missile Defense Battle Command System and is compatible with the Army’s current Patriot Engagement Control Station.

Several countries in Europe and Asia have already expressed interest in acquiring the new GaN-powered AESA radar, including Poland which put in a request to purchase on March 31, according to Raytheon’s statement.

On Tuesday, Raytheon also said that the U.S. Navy awarded the company a $28 million contract for their Variable Depth Sonar equipment to be used on the Littoral Combat Ship class. The sonar system is designed with increased mobility and a reduced weight to minimize ship impact.