The Navy has awarded Lockheed Martin [LMT] a $1.5 billion contract to provide digital cockpits and integrated mission systems and sensors for the MH-60 Sikorsky-built helicopters.

The Navy issued the contract on Thursday for more than 200 of the systems that will be installed on the Romeo and Sierra variants of the MH-60s over a five-year period.

The multi-year contract includes 162 cockpits, integrated missions systems and sensors for the MH-60R, which is designed as an anti-surface and anti-submarine warfare helicopter, and 62 digital cockpits for MH-60S aircraft used for ship-to-ship cargo.

“This contract award ensures uninterrupted, on-time deliveries of the MH-60R and MH-60S helicopter to the U.S. Navy fleet,” Dan Spoor, vice president of aviation systems for Lockheed Martin’s systems and sensors division, said in a statement.