The Navy on Tuesday awarded HPI Federal LLC, a potential $1.4 billion contract to provide it with various end user computer hardware as part of the Next Generation Enterprise Network Re-compete (NGEN-R) program.

Under the $358.5 million three-year base award, HPI Federal will deliver hardware to more than 400,000 seats that use the Navy Marine Corps Intranet, the Marine Corps Enterprise Network, and the Navy Enterprise Network platforms outside the continental U.S.

Options under the End User Hardware (EUHW) contract go out six additional years and could allow the company to receive all of the $1.4 billion available under the contract.

Deliverables under the EUHW contract include laptop and desktop computers, virtual desktop computers, zero and thin client devices, and associated peripherals such as keyboards, mice, monitors and docking stations. Customers will have the option to purchase the hardware outright or as a service.

There were three competitors for the EUHW award, the Navy said.

The Navy still plans a second NGEN-R contract, the Service Management, Integration, and Transport (SMIT) to provide wired and wireless connectivity services, print and storage services, user productivity and software core build services, computer infrastructure, systems integration, service desk, and computer network operations and defense.

The SMIT award is expected before April 2020.