Mercury Computer Systems [MRCY] last Friday completed its acquisition of defense electronics firm KOR Electronics for $70 million in cash, adding to its sensor processing capabilities.

KOR and its subsidiary, Paragon Dynamics, Inc. (PDI), design and develop digital radio frequency memory units for various electronic warfare applications, radar environment simulation and test systems for defense applications, and provide analytic services and customized multi-INT data fusion and exploitation solutions for the intelligence community. KOR’s products are used on a wide variety of U.S. military aircraft.

“Capturing more opportunities along the sensor processing chain is the touchstone” of Mercury’s strategy, Mark Aslett, president and CEO of Mercury, said in a conference call last month after the deal was announced. “It drives our technology investments, our mergers and acquisitions strategy and the overall direction of our business.”

“PDI’s market focus and leadership in multi-INT exploitation will enable Mercury Federal Systems to pursue new opportunities within the intelligence community,” Aslett said.

KOR had $38 million in sales for the year ending Sept. 30, 2011 and its backlog stood at $30 million. KOR, including PDI, has about 140 employees.