Mercury Systems [MRCY] on April 18 said it has acquired two small developers and manufactures of defense electronics capabilities that will strengthen the company’s technology portfolio and boost the size of its potential market opportunities.

Rugged microwave downconverter from Syntonic Microwave. Photo: Mercury Systems

Mercury said it paid $46 million combined for The Athena Group and Syntonic Microwave. The deals open new business opportunities in C4ISR, Defense Department research laboratories and the intelligence community, the company said.

Mark Aslett, Mercury’s president and CEO, said in a statement that “similar to previous acquisitions, the acquisitions of Athena and Syntonic continue to enable us to grow the size of our total addressable market and reinforce our strategy of becoming the leading provider of secure and safety-critical processing subsystems for aerospace and defense applications.”

The company declined to answer questions about the acquisitions, saying it will provide additional information on its third quarter financial results call on April 30.

Athena, which is based in Florida, provide cryptographic and countermeasure capabilities to secure defense computing systems. Mercury said the company is a “world leader” in differential power analysis technology.

California-based Syntonic subsystems for signals and electronic intelligence applications. Mercury said Syntonic’s products are designed for modularity, configurability and rapid prototyping to quickly meet the evolving needs of the defense industry.