Lockheed Martin [LMT] unveiled a new subsidiary Crescent Space

 on Tuesday, focused on providing infrastructure for lunar missions. The company will operate a constellation of small constellation of lunar satellites for a service called Parsec, to provide connectivity between Earth and people and assets in lunar orbit and on the Moon, and position, timing, and navigation (PNT) services for lunar missions.

Lockheed Martin will produce and deliver the Parsec spacecraft to Crescent, and the first nodes are expected to launch in 2025. The network will use the Curio deep-space smallsat bus used for NASA’s Janus and Lunar Trailblazer missions. It will also utilize Lockheed’s SmartSat software framework and Compass Horizon mission planning and command and control products.

Joe Landon, who previously was vice president of Advanced Programs Development for Lockheed Martin Space, will lead Crescent as CEO. Landon was previously responsible for Lockheed Martin’s space exploration strategy.

“Crescent is well positioned to serve the upcoming wave of lunar science and exploration missions, including NASA’s crewed Artemis moon landings,” said Landon. “With Lockheed Martin’s investment and access to its technical capabilities and deep space experience, Crescent is set up to ensure Parsec will be ready to provide reliable and affordable communications services for our customers.”