Leidos [LDOS] on Thursday said it has been selected to lead an upgrade of checkpoint security lanes at London’s Luton Airport, a deal that will include the company’s ClearScan carry-on baggage scanners, automated bin return system and an open architecture platform.

The value of the contract wasn’t disclosed. The contract is an indication that international airports and authorities are now making awards in the security detection space that had been held up during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Leidos, which is the primary contractor for upgrades across multiple security checkpoints at the airport, said work has begun and the first security lanes will be operational in the fourth quarter of 2023.

Leidos is offering the ClearScan system to meet the U.S. Transportation Security Administration’s requirements for checkpoint CT systems. The checkpoint CT technology gives operators a 3-D view of a bag’s contents and allows travelers to leave their electronic items and liquids inside their bags.

Leidos will provide 12 ClearScan checkpoint computed tomography scanners, including its ProPassage automated security lanes that include automatic tray return, and the Mosaic open architecture software platform that integrates various security systems into a single management system to give Luton Airport data insights about its screening operations.

For now, the ClearScan and ProPassage systems will be integrated into Mosaic. A Leidos spokesman said the integration of additional checkpoint security systems in the future will be “customer dependent.”

The promise of open architecture is that it will accommodate third party solutions. Leidos said its solution for Luton Airport will include third-party security solutions. The company will also oversee building modifications for two central image processing rooms.

The spokesman said that the ClearScan systems will include algorithms that meet the latest threat detection standards and detect prohibited items.

The contract period of performance is more than two years.

“By focusing on end-to-end solutions versus individual systems, we will deliver a holistic security management solution, which can scale with the airport’s future needs,” Brad Buswell, senior vice president and operations manager at Leidos, said in a statement.