The Department of Defense’s information agency has given CSRA [CSRA] approval to begin operating its cloud computing service on certain Pentagon components handling the highest level of unclassified data.

Defense Information Systems Agency officials have granted CSRA an Impact Level 5 provisional authorization for its milCloud 2.0 platform, which allows the company’s cloud platform to store unclassified data from mission critical information to national security systems.

“CSRA is excited to be on this journey with DISA and provide world-class cloud services through milCloud 2.0. DISA has been an excellent partner throughout this process. Through milCloud 2.0, CSRA is providing our warfighters with an ‘easy button’ for cloud acceleration, allowing new flexibility to focus on their mission while saving time, money, and resources,” CSRA CEO Larry Prior said in a statement.

DoD awarded CSRA a $498 million contract in June 2017 to develop the phase 1 of milCloud 2.0. Under the deal, CSRA has built the milCloud 2.0 cloud platform onto its Cloud Service Offering Autonomic Resources Cloud Platform service.

General Dynamics [GD] acquired CSRA on Feb. 12 in a $9.6 billion deal to make the company one of the largest providers of federal information technology services.

A recent market intelligence report from Govini on the acquisition deal found General Dynamics with CSRA would supplant Leidos [LDOS] as the market leader for federal IT, based on business captured from the past four years.

“For the next 60 days we will be working with our early adopters to fine-tune our business processes. “The next step will be to open the doors for business to everyone else who is waiting to onboard. Our target is early May,” Caroline Bean, DISA’s milCloud 2.0 program manager, said in a statement.

During the provisional authorization period, DISA will also conduct assessment testing of the milCloud 2.0 infrastructure.

CSRA is now able to deploy its milCloud 2.0 provisioning portal, allowing DoD users to take advantage of the platform’s continuous monitoring capabilities, cost estimator and the ability to estimate cloud computing costs in real time, according to company officials.

DISA also announced March 6 it has granted an 18-month provisional authorization with conditions to Oracle [ORCL] for its cloud service offering. The move represents a potential step towards DoD implementation of Oracle’s hybrid Platform as a Service model.

DoD officials are also hosting an industry day March 7 to discuss its commercial cloud strategy moving forward within its Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure.