TSA Awards SAIC $25M to Upgrade CT-80s

Science Applications International Corp. [SAI] has received a $25 million contract from the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to upgrade 210 Reveal Imaging CT-80 Explosive Detection Systems to the CT-80DR version. The reduced-size CT-80DR features dual-energy computed tomography X-Ray technology for enhanced explosives detection and false alarm rate performance and has a throughput of 225 bags per hour.

MDI Announces First European Sale of CTX 5800 EDS

Morpho Detection, Inc., says it has received its first European order for the company’s CTX 5800 medium-speed, compact explosives detection system (EDS). Brussels Airport has ordered three of the relatively light-weight systems to replace CTX 5500 units that have been in place for up to 13 years. The new units will be integrated into the airport’s baggage handling system. “We are very pleased to be transitioning to these most advanced CT (Computed Tomography)-based EDS and are enthusiastic about the 5800’s high resolution image quality and user friendly interface,” says Wilfried Covent, head of security at Brussels Airport. The CTX 5800 has a throughput of between 400 to 450 bags per hour. The compact size and lightweight make it a strong candidate for small and mid-size airports. Over the summer MDI announced its first order for the CTX 5800, a contract with Mauritius (TR2, June 22). MDI is a unit of Safran Group.

Navy Awards Cross Match $2.7M for Biometric Jump Kits

The Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command has awarded Cross Match Technologies a $2.7 million contract to provide 185 biometric jump kits to be used in Afghanistan to enroll Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) personnel. The company has already sold 1,000 jump kits into Afghanistan that are being used mainly to enroll the country’s population into a national ID card program. The ANSF has also used the kits to enroll its personnel but more are urgently required because of increased attacks by infiltrators into the ANSF which have resulted in more personnel being killed and wounded, the Navy says. The jump kits are designed to work with the Afghan Automated Biometric Identification System database.

Implant Sciences Nabs Awards in China, U.S.

Implant Sciences Corp. [IMSC] has received is first orders for its recently introduced Quantum Sniffer QS-B220 benchtop explosives and narcotics trace detector as well as new orders for its QS-H150 handheld explosive trace detector. The QS-B220 order is from China, where Implant has already sole over 800 QS-H150 units for a wide range of deployments. “The QS-B220 has received a very positive response from customers in China,” says Glenn Bolduc, president and CEO of Implant. “We, and our Chinese distributors, belief the new Quantum Sniffer benchtop has the strong potential to meet and exceed the kind of sales levels we’ve seen in China for the QS-H150 portable unit.” The new QS-H150 orders are for law enforcement applications in Mississippi and Massachusetts, including K-9 team support. The QS-H150 orders are for new customers. Implant says that the search capabilities of the specially trained explosives detection dogs are complemented by the substance identification and screening capabilities of the Quantum Sniffer. The company says its recent U.S. sales also include systems for maintaining the physical security of occupants and Implant says it has recently increased its sales and marketing efforts in the U.S.

SAIC Awarded Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center Atlantic Contract

Science Applications International Corp. [SAI] has received a potential five-year, $210 million contract from the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center Atlantic to provide information assurance (IA) and cyber security services in support of its mission to provide U.S. tactical, strategic and operations support. The Center’s Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance/Information Operations Department provides technical support services to the Navy, military health systems, the Department of Homeland Security, and other DoD, federal and state agencies. SAIC will provide IA support in support of military health information systems, software development, systems integration, afloat and shore computer network defense modernization, and information technology operations. The contract has a base year and four one-year options.

GD Nabs $86M Task Order to Provide IA and Cyber Security to DIA

General Dynamics [GD] has received an $86 million task order to provide information assurance (IA) and cyber security services to the Defense Intelligence Agency in the U.S. and worldwide. GD will provide services to ensure the security, authenticity, integrity and confidentiality of the DIA’s information, as well as computer network defense of the agency’s enterprise-level assets, networks, security domains and data resources globally. The work is new for GD and was competed under the Solutions for the Information Technology Enterprise contract. The company plans to hire 80 employees in support of the contract. If all options are exercised, the contract will last until May 2016.

DHS S&T Awards BSI Contract to Create Cargo Screening Protocol

BSI Group says its Supply Chain Solutions business unit has received a contract from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Science and Technology (S&T) branch to create a protocol to better identify high-risk containers destined for the U.S. The value of the award was not disclosed. BSI says it will work with DHS S&T-sponsored engineers in a project designed to integrate data from new detection systems, along with BSI’s proprietary intelligence on cargo disruption and anti-Western terrorism, to better assess risk in cargo shipments, allowing government screeners to best prioritize resources to address potential threats. BSI says it maintains one of the largest, continuously updated, non-governmental proprietary databases that includes comprehensive cargo disruption analysis in over 200 countries, cargo theft exposure, up-to-date country risk analysis, and terrorism threats to in-transit shipments.