Biometric Task Force Issues BOSS-U, BOSS-R RFPs

The Defense Department’s Biometrics Task Force (BTF) has issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) for the Biometrics Operations and Support Services-Unrestricted (BOSS-U) program, which is aimed at establishing a suite of indefinite deliver, indefinite quantity (ID/IQ) contracts for biometrics support services that will enable the BTF business and program units to accomplish their mission objectives. The program contains six comprehensive functional service categories: Management Support Services; Infrastructure Procurement, Design, Development, Implementation, and Integration; Operations and Maintenance; Studies and Analysis; Advanced Technology Analysis and Demonstration; Test and Evaluation. Sol. No. W91QUZ-08-R-0032. Respond by Aug. 18. The BTF has also released the RFP for the BOSS-Restricted program, which is set aside for small businesses. BOSS-R will establish a suite of ID/IQ awards with a three-year base period and two one-year options for several biometric support services: Management Support; Independent Test, Validation, Verification, and Evaluation; and Technology Management. Sol. No. W91QUZ08R0033-0000. Respond by Aug. 22. Contact: William Giles, 703-325-5770,

TSA Seeks Private Screening Services for N.M. Airport

The Transportation Security Administration is soliciting small businesses to provide comprehensive passenger and baggage screening services at Roswell International Air Center, Roswell, N.M. The contract, which is expected to be awarded on Nov. 22, will be for one-year, with four one-year options. Sol. No. HSTS05-08-R-SPP124. Respond by Aug. 28. Contact: Eloise Giordano, contract specialist, 571-227-1568,

ICE Plans PIV Smart Card Proof of Concept Initiative

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has issued a Request for Proposals for program management, process change management, technical consultation support and the required hardware and software to the Office of the Chief Information Officer in support of a proof-of-concept initiative to evaluate the feasibility of HSPD-12 directed use of the Personal Identity Verification (PIV) cryptographic smart card for Cyber Identity and Access Management within the ICE Information Assurance Division. The RFP is a set aside for Service Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business qualified companies. Sol. No. HSCETC-08-R-00013. Respond by July 31. Contract award expected by Oct. 1. Contact: Jessica Quinones, contract specialist, 202-305-3354,

Sandia Seeks Partners on Blast Mitigation Foam

Sandia National Laboratories has developed a new aqueous foam concentrate for use in mitigating blast overpressures from explosive devices. The new foam concentrate has a proportionately smaller mass and volume than current 6 percent aqueous blast mitigation foam concentrate formulations, and is therefore significantly more portable. The new concentrate can still be educted using conventional foam equipment. Sandia is seeking partners to license this technology for use by emergency responders and or military applications. Sol. No. 08_315. Respond by July 30. Contact: Jonathan Gardner, 505-845-7653,

Army Issues Draft RFP for Chem/Bio Mass Spectrometer

The Joint Program Manager for Nuclear Biological and Chemical Contamination Avoidance has issued a draft Request for Proposals (RFP) and performance specification for the chemical biological mass spectrometer (CBMS). The CBMS requirement is for technologies and or methods for detecting and identifying liquid chemical warfare agents and toxic industrial chemicals on the ground, and aerosolized biological warfare agents in support of the NBC Reconnaissance Platforms, specifically to include the Stryker NBC Reconnaissance Vehicle and the Joint NBC Reconnaissance System Increment 1 Light Armored Vehicle. The final RFP will be released around Aug. 13. Sol. No. W911SR-08-R-0035. Contact: Jillian Morra, 410-436-2606.

USDA Seeks Physical, Cyber Security Support Services

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) plans to issue a Request for Proposals around July 28 for technical and administrative support, and information technology design and development services related to physical and cyber security. Programs include, among others: Homeland Security Presidential Directives and executive orders compliance; USDA Capital Planning and Investment Control support; emergency planning; counter-terrorism recommendations and implementation; and maintenance of various existing systems. The procurement is a small business set aside. Communications Resources, Inc., is the current contractor. Sol. No. AG-3142-S-08-0033. Contact: Earl Friedman, contracting officer, 202- 720-2538,

HHS Looks to Continue, Expand Bioinformatics Centers

The Department of Health and Human Services has issued a Sources Sought notice for the establishment and maintenance of a Bioinformatics Resource Center that will provide scientific, web-based database resources to researchers who use in their investigations genomics and other basic research data of microbial organisms. The BRCs are being established to provide the scientific community with databases that house not only genomics data, but also a variety of research data about infectious diseases caused by selected groups of human pathogens in the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Category A-C Priority Pathogen lists for biodefense research, as well as pathogens causing emerging/re-emerging infectious diseases, and to make available analytical resources and bioinformatics services. Sol. No. RFP-NIH-NIAID-DMID-AI2008038. Respond by July 23. Contact: Kathy Fetterman, contract specialist, 301-496-0612,

NIAID Plans RFPs for Improved DTPA Radionuclide Chelation

The Department of Health and Human Services National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) plans to issue Requests for Proposals to SRI International and Nanotherapeutics for the development of improved DTPA for Radionuclide Chelation. NIAID’s Division of Allergy, Immunology, and Transplantation has a requirement to identify, characterize, and develop new medical countermeasures against radiological or nuclear attacks. The RFPs are to conduct research and development on a DTPA formulation using absorption enhancers with improved oral behaviorability over the licensed DTPA products and which demonstrates decorporation of radionuclides. Sol. No. HHSN266200500047P: Contact: Donald Collie, 301-496-0992,