The Department of Homeland Security plans to award a sole source two-year contract to Perspecta for comprehensive data storage and management services in support of the contractor owned and operated DHS Data Center 2. Perspecta, the incumbent for the work, will support DHS’ strategy to migrate or retire every system and application within Data Center 2, which will result in declining systems supported within the contract in each successive period.

Customs and Border Protection

says in two separate events MQ-9 unmanned aircraft systems crews helped lead to the arrest of 13 illegal aliens along the Texas border with Mexico. CBP says that so far in fiscal year 2020, MQ-9s equipped with the VADER radar have detected 473 illegal aliens attempting to evade detection resulting in 175 arrests in the Del Rio Sector area of operation.

The Air Force Research Laboratory shortly plans to issue a Request for a Counter small unmanned aircraft system procurement leading to an award in September. Slides released in February from an industry day in December show a wide range of technical focus areas including electronic warfare enabled cyberspace countermeasures (CM), low collateral damage electronic attack/CM, C-sUAS operations in RF/cyberspace contested environment defensive cyberspace operation, offensive cyberspace operations, cyberspace C2, cyberspace ISR, automation and autonomy of C2 systems, multi-domain C2, airspace coordination measures/air traffic control, unmanned traffic management systems, blue force interceptors, airborne C-sUAS C4ISR, directed energy weapon development and integration, sensor development and integration, tactical and strategic tipping and cueing, and signature  and effects library.