SRI International has introduced the Iris-on-the-Move RapID-Cam, a handheld multimodal biometric device that can simultaneously capture dual-iris and facial images up to six feet away with a single click. The company exhibited a prototype of the device, which is roughly twice the size of other handheld multimodal biometric devices currently on the market, at the 2011 ASIS International security conference in Orlando, Fla. RapID-Cam can enroll someone with their glasses off but later identify that person with their glasses on. SRI still needs to shrink the device and improve its consistency, but recently won a small Army Research Laboratory contract to try and make it work with uncooperative subjects, such as quick capture of persons in a market or standing around after a roadside bomb has gone off.

Raytheon [RTN] at ASIS demonstrated an enhanced version of its Clear View security management platform that includes the capability of the system’s multi-hypothesis tracker (MHT), to be able to work in various weather conditions. The MHT is a capability that allows automatic tracking and correlating of a target—such as a speeding vehicle through heavy foliage—across multiple sensors.

American Science and Engineering [ASEI] has created a new training concept for its customers that allows them to blend online learning and training with instructor-led learning. The company has its instructors available 24/7 via web cam, chat functions or telephone to help its customers with their online training as well as to answer questions about hands-on training. AS&E also continues to have trainers present for instruction as well. The blended training plan means that equipment operators don’t necessarily have to wait for a classroom to fill up for a training session and to retake lessons to help them stay fresh.