The Army is looking for industry solutions and support services that will assist Joint Munitions Command’s (JMC) transition to artificial intelligence and machine learning-driven processes. 

A new “Sources Sought” notice released Monday details plans to find an industry partner to develop tools, including robotic process automation (RPA) and machine learning, as well as consulting on projects to improve JMC’s predictive analysis capabilities.

Joint Munitions Command

“The ultimate deliverable will be to work with JMC process owners to apply automated processes that improve predictive analysis capabilities and data quality/reliability,” officials wrote. “The contractor will provide JMC with an overarching artificial intelligence plan of action incorporating both RPA and ML technology implementation and sustainment.”

The Army is likely to award a three-year contract for the work, with JMC set to provide a list of its prioritized use cases for AI-powered tools to the selected vendor.

An eventual contractor will also be tasked with building a ML-powered platform to assist JMC with moving its systems into a cloud computing environment.

“The underlying goal of the of this contract will be to posture JMC utilizing cutting edge technological tools sets to both help efficiently utilize our resources and to make all of our data work together,” officials wrote. 

JMC is a subordinate command of Army Materiel Command oversees management of the armed forces’ ammunition plants.