AeroVironment Inc. [AVAV] yesterday said back in March it received a $5.1 million contract modification for its Switchblade loitering munition systems and services from the Army Close Combat Weapons Systems (CCWS), Program Executive Office Missiles and Space (PEO MS).

The modification includes engineering services, operational Switchblade systems and operator training.

AeroVironment will work with ATK [ATK], its munition subcontractor, to produce and deliver the systems.

On Sept. 1, 2011 AeroVironment said it received the initial $4.9 million order associated with this contract.

“This Army contract represents another important step toward the broader adoption of Switchblade by the military,” said Roy Minson, AeroVironment senior vice president and general manager of its Unmanned Aircraft Systems business segment. “Providing our forces with the organic ability to defend themselves with pinpoint accuracy and minimal collateral damage, Switchblade delivers a capability unmatched by any other weapon system.”

Mark Messick, vice president and general manager of Advanced Systems, ATK Aerospace Systems, said: “We are pleased to support AeroVironment in providing a system that empowers our soldiers to respond to attacks quickly and precisely without causing unnecessary collateral damage. With Switchblade, our troops on the ground are safer, more efficient and more effective.”