Tech Developments

Smiths Detection EDS System Receives European Approval for Standard 3.1

Smiths Detection says its HI-SCAN 10080 XCT explosives detection system (EDS) has achieved European Civil Aviation Conference Standard 3.1 approval for hold baggage screening. Standard 3.1 is the highest in the European Union and demonstrates Smiths Detection’s scanner can upgrade from Standard 3 to the higher standard through a software upgrade. The company says the detection algorithms are interchangeable on a bag by bag basis depending on the destination and associated risk level. The 10080 XCT can screen up to 1,800 bags per hour. The system is also certified by the U.S. Transportation Security Administration.

Crossmatch Mobile Fingerprint Reader Receives FBI Certifications

Crossmatch says its mobile NOMAD 60 wireless fingerprint reader has received the FBI Appendix F and Mobile Identification FAP 60 certifications. The reader uses a capacitive thin-film transistor sensor for outdoor and bright ambient light performance and isn’t impacted by tattooed or stained fingers. Crossmatch also says the FAP 60 format facilitates rapid fingerprinting of non-cooperative subjects and those with large hand, while fitting in a pocket.

Tascent’s InSight One Face and Iris Reader Available for Self-Service Applications

Tascent says its InSight One face and iris recognition system is now available as an embedded original equipment manufacture module for seamless integration into touchscreen kiosks, and as a small-footprint ID station for self-service biometric enrollment and authentication. The company says the ID station allows a fingerprint, MRTD or barcode scanner to be integrated for self-service identity enrollment and matching. “Our new self-service solutions mark another milestone in making the benefits of biometrics more accessible across a variety of applications,” says Joey Pritikin, the company’s founder and co-CEO. Tascent also says it has entered its first solution collaboration with Embross, a self-service technology company providing automated solutions to the world’s airports, airlines and other service providers.

Face Recognition Technology Integrated with Open Video Management Platform

VisionLabs and Network Optix have formed a strategic partnership and have introduced a joint solution for uncontrolled face recognition. The companies say that VisionLabs LUNA PLATFORM biometric data management system is the first product to be fully integrated with Nx MetaVMS, Network Optix’ next-generation open video management platform. “In just a few years, we envision a world where AI-enabled video will become part of an integral part of every product,” says Richard Fei, president and CEO of Network Optix. “To address this, we created Nx MetaVMS, to provide a full set of tools for companies to develop and productize their own AI-enabled video applications. With NX MetaVMS seamlessly integrated with the LUNA PLATFORM, our partners and customers will be able to design and implement virtually any facial recognition use case scenario, from classic watchlists to big data analytics in a smart city ecosystem.” Alexander Khanin, founder and CEO of VisionLabs, says, “our customers in security video surveillance and access control segments seek solutions with face recognition that work out-of-the-box and are available in the Nx MetaVMS with LUNA PLATFORM by design.”

Palo Alto Networks Acquires

Cyber security firm Palo Alto Networks has completed its $300 million acquisition of, strengthening its capabilities in public cloud security. Palo Alto Networks says that once is integrated, its cloud security offering will provide customers with a single approach to continuous monitoring, storage security, and compliance validation and reporting. Last summer, In-Q-Tel, the non-profit venture capital arm that supports the intelligence community, made an investment in to help secure its infrastructure in all Amazon Web Services environments and allowing deployment of FedRamp compliant architectures. FedRamp provides the federal government with a standardized approach to security assessment and authorization for cloud products and services.

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