Tech Developments

L2 Defense Acquires Provider Of Emergency Services Simulation And Training

L2 Defense, Inc. has acquired Advanced Technical and Educational Consultants, Inc. (ATEC), a small business that provides simulation and training capabilities to the Defense Department, federal agencies, and state and local emergency responders. Terms of the deal, which was announced on Nov. 2, were not disclosed. ATEC is a woman-owned business based in South Florida. L2 Defense, a Maryland-based small business, provides integrated logistics engineering services and training services for the chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear defense market. The company says its capabilities are complementary with ATEC’s base of “first responder and homeland security subject matter experts with state-of-the-art methodologies” and emergency services and management training. “Combining ATEC’s depth of experience, technical expertise and knowledge of the first responder market with L2 Defense’s strength in military training and logistics planning will allow us to provide our government customers and business partners with broader and even more comprehensive solutions,” says Sam Lennon, president of L2 Defense.

Smiths Detection Launches Enterprise Level Command Center

Smiths Detection has unveiled CORSYS, a secure, cloud-based digital system that integrates data from a vast array of devices and processes, to support critical ports and border security. The company says the enterprise-level security management platform consolidates and analyses a range of information, including biometrics, communications, traffic control and X-Ray system data. The hardware-agnostic system support the full range of border security devices and process and uses machine learning to assess anomalies. The company says that CORSYS’ ability to consolidate information into a single command center display eliminates the need for security operations managers to access multiple, independent bespoke systems to obtain the information they require. “In a ports and borders application, CORSYS can provide an overall view of the entire port, as well as assessing every single container,” says Tim Norton, global market director for Ports & Borders at Smiths. “It can view data from an electronic manifest and help customs administrators generate a risk profile for each container arriving at a port, using a combination of physical and data-driven tools. It also integrates smart CCTV and third-party data sources.”

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