Free Version of Wx24 Pilot Aviation Weather App Now Available

Free Version of Wx24 Pilot Aviation Weather App Now Available

The free version offers many of the features that make Wx24 Pilot one of the most popular aviation weather apps for the iPhone and iPad.

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CHICAGO, May 25, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- The highly acclaimed Wx24 Pilot Aviation Weather App is now available in a completely free version. No strings attached, no popup ads, just a great presentation of aviation weather that gives pilots a quick and easy read of conditions and forecasts – in addition to providing weather reports for even the smallest of US airports.

Wx24 Pilot's unique difference is its innovative way of presenting aviation weather that gives pilots the ability to see and understand complex METARs and TAFs in seconds – even AIRMETs, SIGMETs and TFRs are presented on one screen for weather at a glance.

The Wx24 Pilot app pulls together numerous aviation weather reports and presents them in a simple visual format. Now pilots can instantly view METARs, TAFS, AIRMET, SIGMETs and even TFRs on one screen with minimal time and effort. The graphical presentation of aviation weather by Wx24 Pilot allows pilots to quickly assess aviation weather conditions to improve situational awareness and safety of the flight.

The free version of Wx24 Pilot is a great tool for new pilots, rusty pilots and students alike, who grapple with understanding all the complexities aviation weather, and gives them greater confidence towards becoming confident pilots.

"The free version of Wx24 Pilot provides a great value to recreational pilots, student pilots and their CFI instructors. These pilots usually fly within their local airspace and don't require the app's robust full version features, such as flight planning, weather charts and personal minimums," commented Paxton Calvanese, the app's developer. "And the free version doesn't have those annoying pop-ups and banners ads found on most free apps," continued Paxton.  

Paxton has had a very active development schedule for the Wx24 Pilot Aviation Weather App with over a hundred updates in the past two years and has even more unique and innovative features on the books.     

About Wx24 Pilot – the Aviation Weather Simplified App.

This revolutionary Wx24 Pilot Aviation Weather App frees pilots from the traditional, time-consuming task of weather analysis. The app summarizes the weather forecast in a real-time, color-coded visual graphic that allows pilots to quickly stay abreast of changing weather conditions at a glance. Most importantly, it allows the pilot to flag up to 18 different weather conditions against a pilot's personal minimums and activates grey-coded alerts (when to fly cautiously) and black-coded warnings (when not to fly at all).

Wx24 Pilot communicates a wealth of aviation weather reports giving pilots the ability to make quick go/no-go decision for every range of flying competency — from student to ATP. The app displays six main weather features in a single view: METARs, TAFs, TFRs, PIREPs, AIR/SIGMETs and now radar. Instead of the typical map view or text weather reports, Wx24 Pilot unique interface renders forecast conditions around a 24-hour clock in a clear and easy to understand way. In the app's linear timeline view, pilots can view weather along the plotted course at multiple airports along the way, making it easy to see at a glance what the current ceiling, visibility, wind and other weather conditions will be over the next 24 hours. Each of these weather conditions can be programmed to give warnings if they fall below a pilot's personal minimums.

To find out more about the Wx24 Pilot app, visit the app website: On the website, you can watch tutorial slides and videos, and delve further into its many features. The Wx24 Pilot is an IOS app developed for the iPhone and iPad and is available for download from iTunes.

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