SpaceChain Funds and Provides Expertise to Preserve Humanity's Interests in Outer Space

SpaceChain Funds and Provides Expertise to Preserve Humanity's Interests in Outer Space

- SpaceChain to fund and provide technological support as well as expertise in joint partnership with Arch Mission Foundation

- Partnership to facilitate SpaceChain's mission to advance mankind through the use of space technology

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SINGAPORE, March 12, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- SpaceChain announced today a joint partnership with the Arch Mission Foundation, a 501(c)(3) USA non-profit corporation, which will provide the latter with funding as well as technical support and expertise. SpaceChain will also load valuable subsets of Arch Mission data onto its satellites in a bid to collect, distribute and protect human knowledge and data across the solar system. The alliance will facilitate both companies to move one step closer towards their common goal of advancing mankind through the use of space technology.

The wheels are already in motion with Arch Mission's payload riding on Elon Musk's SpacesX Falcon Heavy rocket, orbiting the sun for what will effectively be eternity. The Arch Library protects data on humanity transcending both time and space, with the sharing of a collective and constantly growing decentralized repository. This mission is in line with that of the SpaceChain team who set out to inspire the public, university students and industry enthusiasts through space exploration, while spreading an accessible data-set throughout the solar system.

SpaceChain's Co-founder Zheng Zuo said: "The goal of archiving and preserving knowledge for future generations will advance archiving science and human knowledge by itself. The ambitious goal of disseminating this knowledge throughout the solar system is finally achievable today thanks to greatly reduced launch costs through new space launch providers."

Co-founder of The Arch Mission Foundation, Nova Spivack commented: "SpaceChain's support of our mission to archive important human data in space is the start of the Earth Library – an orbiting ring of backup data around the Earth. This is an important milestone for humanity."

The partnership will also allow SpaceChain's long-term goal of seeing its data archives on every planetary body as well as orbiting satellite come to fruition.

The announcement comes off the back of SpaceChain's successful launch of the world's first ever blockchain node in space through a joint venture with QTUM in early February of this year. The node sitting on the satellite runs on a Raspberry Pi hardware development board that runs a full-node program on QTUM blockchain technology.

About SpaceChain

SpaceChain was founded in 2017 to create a solutions-oriented platform to tackle mankind's greatest challenges. With increasingly complex and difficult global adversities, the company finds comprehensive solutions to these issues, creating an open-source problem-solving model that optimises collective intelligence.

SpaceChain will establish enabling conditions that incentivise the space community of users, contributors and developers to strengthen the current ecosystem. The company will make the space industry more accessible to the general public, foster sustainability and knowledge sharing as well as leverage the vast amount of untapped space to better advance mankind.

The SpaceChain team is led by Zheng Zuo as CEO and by former Bitcoin core developer and blockchain pioneer Jeff Garzik as CTO.

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About Arch Mission

The Arch Mission Foundation designs, builds, delivers and maintains curated long-term archives that are housed in specially designed devices called Archs™ (pronounced "Arks"). Archs are being developed with a variety of form factors to survive for long durations in space, as well as on the surfaces of planets, moons and asteroids.

The Archs are already the longest-lasting records of human civilization ever created, and possibly that ever will be created. They will last billions of years longer than the Pyramids. They may even last longer than our planet. In a million years the Archs™ may be the only remaining trace of our species and our civilization.

In 2015, Nick Slavin joined Nova Spivack to co-found the Arch Mission Foundation, and in 2016 the Arch Mission Foundation was formally incorporated. That year they were joined by Michael Paul and Matthew Hoerl, and in 2017 and 2018 the organization began to grow and attract a growing community of leading minds, leaders and participants.

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