Threat Extinguisher Communication and Non-Lethal Defense System Installed in Schools and Churches

Threat Extinguisher Communication and Non-Lethal Defense System Installed in Schools and Churches

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COLUMBUS, Ohio, Dec. 28, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Winter has finally arrived in North America and it's time to bundle up for the cold weather. The best strategy is to use layers of clothing to protect them from the cold. Each layer has a purpose. Some are designed to be thin and wick away moisture, while sweaters create a layer of warmth and scarves protect the neck. Just as we need layers to protect from the frigid wind chill, safety systems require layers to perform effectively.

Threat Extinguisher is one such safety system. Our clients must guarantee the safety of congregations, employees and students. Our clients all have safety and security protocols, however, they realize that no single system can protect every event. They are looking to create layers of safety to prepare for all potential events. Threat Extinguisher provides an additional layer of safety during a violent incident.

A new protocol, Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Escape, known as ALICE, has been introduced and provides strategies to increase safety and protection. ALICE has been taught to more than 1,000,000 people throughout 50 states. Threat Extinguisher systems complements this training with a high decibel alarm and immediate text alerts to staff and employees while also notifying first responders. People can decide the course of action for each unique circumstance. Should they run to escape, or lockdown with a barricade and prepare to "counter" with objects at hand?

ALICE emphasizes the need to "counter" or fight back. This is where Threat Extinguisher's non-lethal military grade pepper spray can be used as a last resort.  

A multi-layered approach towards safety makes sense. Safety protocols lay a foundation by educating students, staff, and parishioners about violent threats including Active Shooter incidents and how to survive them. These protocols construct a layer of protection including barricading entry to rooms using a door barricade device, and as a last resort Threat Extinguisher adds a layer of non-lethal defense to incapacitate an attacker who has breached other layers of protection. Developing protocols with over-lapping layers of security afford the best chance for survival.

One of Threat Extinguishers clients, Worthington Christian Academy, was recently highlighted by ABC6onyourside in Columbus OH.  An example of how schools approach student and staff safety and how Threat Extinguisher provides a new layer to their existing protocols.

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