Midway Labs USA Giving back to the Brave Men and Women Who Serve and Protect this Great Nation

Midway Labs USA Giving back to the Brave Men and Women Who Serve and Protect this Great Nation

With 5% of all Military Trail 2017 USA sales being divided evenly between 11 Charitable entities that support our Troops and Law Enforcement officers

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BOCA RATON, Fla., Dec. 5, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- When an individual enlisted to serve and protect our great nation, they don't have a full understanding of what that entails. Some may have an idea, but for most the future is unforeseen. This future is a heavy one to bear. As their job is to enter into the most dangerous areas of the world, to fight in some of the scariest battles on Earth. Then after all those battles they must return to their "lives as normal". They have no buffer between those two realities. This is where Midway Labs USA and Charities across the Nation come into play allowing an opportunity or even the means to try and enter society as healthy as possible. Supplements can only help so much as to physical health and well being. But the most effected area that is altered during this venture is the person's mental well being. Even family obligation that can not be met due to illness. That's were a number of organizations create an outlet for these veterans to contact and work with to improve their lives. Here are the 11 organizations in which Midway Labs USA will donate 5% of 2017 USA sales too:

- Wounded Warrior Family Support  

- Armed Services YMCA of the USA 

- National Military Family Association  

- Labs 4 Liberty 

- American Hero Adventure  

- 22 Kill 

- Honoring American Warrior 

- American Veteran Dog

- Connected Warrior 

- C.O.P.S

Midway Labs USA is changing the world one step at a time. With these High Grade Formulations that have been developed with calorie intake and needs of military personnel in mind.  This is only the begging to what is to come from this young team over at Midway Labs USA. 2018 is a new begging and this start up in the USA will be sure to surprise you in the months to come. Military Trail Brazil has been recognized as Best 2017 International Brand in South America by Revista Suplementação. http://revistasuplementacao.com.br/index.php

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