Epsilor to Introduce Soldier Wearable Power and Communication System

Epsilor to Introduce Soldier Wearable Power and Communication System

The NETWALKER integrated ergonomic system, already ordered by a leading defense customer, both charges and communicates with all soldier wearable gear

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DIMONA, Israel, September 13, 2017 /PRNewswire/ --

Epsilor, a globally recognized developer and manufacturer of mobile energy products for defense and aerospace applications, has developed a new Soldier Wearable Power Communication System under the name NETWALKER.

The new solution will be unveiled at the Defense and Security Equipment International (DSEI) show, which will take place in London, UK on September 12-15, 2017.

NETWALKER offers the following advantages:

  • Personal interconnected communication system - Today's soldiers operate many different digital devices. These include sensors and target acquisition systems that transfer visual information and data to the tactical computer where the soldier can manually add information. This data is transmitted to the command and control center. The new NETWALKER facilitates two-way communication flow, enabling the fighter to acquire and transmit targets and, in parallel, receive information from his/her command center. The NETWALKER conveys information between all the soldier wearable gear via a set of cables.
  • Central wearable ergonomic battery - NETWALKER eliminates the need to carry numerous batteries for different devices. The new system, which includes a lightweight ergonomic flexible battery, charges all soldier wearable devices, ensuring efficient energy management. The whole system is integrated into the textile vest, offering maximum comfort.

"Five years ago, in order to enable such a level of interconnectivity, you needed a communication center in a 20-foot shelter. Today, the same capabilities are offered in the soldier wearable unit," said Alex Stepansky, Epsilor's General Manager. "NETWALKER enables the charging of all electronic equipment through a single power source with a single connection."

The system has two major components:

  • A conformal ergonomic wearable battery which is flexible and lightweight, offering maximum comfort and which can be charged from many different sources.
  • An energy and communication system with a large number of ports enabling flexibility. The system manages all of the energy in use and offers an Ethernet switch and USB hub.

Epsilor, together with sister company Electric Fuel Battery (EFB), now merged with UEC Electronics, was the first to offer a Soldier Wearable Integrated Power Equipment System (SWIPES™) which was recognized by the U.S. Army Research, Development and Engineering Command as 'One of the U.S. Army's Ten Greatest Inventions of 2010'.

About Epsilor 

Epsilor is a globally recognized developer and manufacturer of battery packs and chargers for the military, defense, aerospace, industrial and marine markets.

The company's expertise lies in its close familiarity with a wide range of defense and military applications, a wide variety of electro-chemistries, sophisticated battery management systems (BMS) and wearable systems and chargers.

Epsilor's products have won several awards for their innovation and operational approach.

Epsilor and UEC are part of the Power Systems Division of Arotech Corporation (NASDAQ: ARTX).

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