Oshkosh Receives New $484 Million Order From Army For 1,574 JLTVs

Oshkosh Defense [OSK] has received a new $484 million order from the Army for 1,574 Joint Light Tactical Vehicles, officials said June 29.

This is the ninth JLTV order from the Army, which is expected to make a final decision in fiscal year 2019 on moving the Humvee replacement program to full-rate production.

JLTV Photo:Oshkosh Defense

Photo:Oshkosh Defense

“The JLTV is ready to support our troops, and we look forward to getting more soldiers and Marines into this extremely mobile, protected, and proven next-generation light tactical vehicle,” George Mansfield, Oshkosh’s vice president of Joint Programs, said in a statement.

The Army’s order arrives after a successful Multiservice Operational Test & Evaluation (MOT&E) period for the JLTV and completion of Reliability Qualification Testing earlier this year.

“This latest order follows the completion of the Multiservice Operational Test and Evaluation conducted by the U.S. Army and Marine Corps and further demonstrates that the JLTV program continues to be a top modernization priority for our armed services,” Mansfield said in a statement.

Oshkosh officials expect the Army to make a final “milestone C” decision on the JLTV program in FY 19, upon verification of ability to offer full logistical support to move the vehicle program into full-rate production (Defense Daily, June 12).

Army officials previously placed an eighth JLTV order for $106 million in February for 416 JLTVs (Defense Daily, Feb. 5).

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