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Watchdog Agency Issues Warning On Ares I Rocket Program

GAO Recommends Delay In Ares If Needed For Improvements NASA has made progress in designing the Ares 1 next-generation rocket development program, but more work must be done to eliminate many risks in the program concerning requirements, costs, schedule, technology and more, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) stated in a report released Friday. If the […]

New Polish Defense Minister Unsure Whether To Back European BMD System

A newly-installed Polish defense minister has voiced uncertainty as to whether Poland should host a proposed segment of the Ground-base Midcourse missile Defense (GMD) system in Europe, The Washington Post reported, quoting a Polish newspaper. The European BMD system, with an advanced radar in the Czech Republic and 10 interceptors in silos in Poland, would […]

Large Number Of Aegis Ships Would Be Needed To Shield Europe: Admiral

It would take a large number of U.S. Navy Aegis weapons system ships to shield Europe against enemy missiles from the Middle East, if the United States attempted to use the sea-based system to guard Europe instead of the Ground-based Midcourse missile Defense (GMD) system proposed for the Czech Republic and Poland. That was the […]

Clinton Backs Eventual Human Space Exploration Of Solar System, And Supports New Spaceship

Huckabee Uncertain On Mars, But Urges Space Program Growth Tancredo Opposes Exploration, Mars Mission On Budget Deficit Grounds Most presidential candidates have voiced no support for, or have outright opposed, President Bush’s vision of manned missions to the moon, Mars and beyond. The one exception is Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-N.Y.), a member of the Senate […]


Raytheon Gains $17 Million Contract To Build TOW Missiles For Canada The Army gave Raytheon Co. [RTN] a $17 million contract to build 462 TOW (Tube-Launched, Optically-Tracked, Wire-Guided) Bunker Buster missiles for the Canadian Army. The Canadian contract is the first international sale of the TOW Bunker Buster missile, which employs a fragmenting, high-explosive warhead […]


Ariane 5 Said To Boost Record Heavy Payload: U.K., Brazilian Satellites The Ariane 5 giant rocket set another heavy-lift record by placing a U.K. military relay platform and Brazil’s new multi-mission telecommunications satellite into geostationary transfer orbit, according to Arianspace. The total payload delivery weight was 9,535 kg (10.5 tons), which included 8,735 kg (9.6 […]

Key Lawmaker Hails Report That Iran Operates Huge Nuclear Production Works

A new report shows that Iran clearly is pressing ahead with a massive nuclear materials enrichment operation, and should be stopped, Rep. Duncan Hunter of California, ranking Republican on the House Armed Services Committee, said. Iran is taking the steps needed to begin building nuclear weapons, Hunter warned. The United States, United Nations and other […]

Commission Sees China Gaining Ability To Confront U.S. Forces

As China wields hundreds of land-based missiles and builds two ballistic missile submarines, it is gaining the ability to tackle U.S. forces in combat, an American commission reported to Congress. “The Commission concluded that China is developing its military in ways that enhance its capacity to confront America,” posing a threat to U.S. Navy aircraft […]

Atlantis Set To Fly At 4:31 P.M. ET Dec. 6; Little Debate On Go-Fly Decision

Helium Valve Problem Still In Review; Space Station Crew Spacewalk Set Tomorrow Space Shuttle Atlantis is set to launch at 4:31 p.m. ET Dec. 6 from launch pad 39A at Kennedy Space Center, barring major snags that might force a liftoff postpone of a few days, or into January, NASA leaders told the news media. […]