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A Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) battery fires an interceptor missile. Photo: Lockheed Martin.

THAAD Test Planned For This Weekend

A U.S. Coast Guard notice indicated another Alaska-based Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) missile defense test is set to occur this weekend. The Coast Guard’s most recent weekly notice to mariners said the Alaska Aerospace Corporation, a state-owned company, will conduct a rocket launch from the Kodiak Narrow Cape Launch facility on Kodiak Island, […]

A slide from Lt. Gen. James Dickinson’s presentation at a July 18 AUSA event, High Energy Laser Demonstrations and Data Collections. Image: U.S. Army.

Army Working Up To 100 kW Laser Weapons Step By Step

The Army is sequencing tests of directed-energy technologies up towards a 100 kW laser by 2022 for fixed and rotor wing targets, the head of Army Space and Missile Defense Command/Army Forces Strategic Command said Tuesday. Lt. Gen. James Dickinson highlighted directed energy/lasers as an important research effort for his command at an Association of […]

An SM-3 Block IIA missile interceptor is launched from the USS John Paul Jones in a Feb. 2017 test called SFTM-1. Photo: Missile Defense Agency.

Second New SM-3 Interceptor Test Fails

A new Standard Missile-3 (SM-3) Block IIA missile intercept test conducted off the coast of Hawaii failed, the Missile Defense Agency (MDA) said last Wednesday. The Wednesday test, called Standard Missile-3 Block IIA Cooperative Development Flight Test Maritime-2 (SFTM-2), was a partnership between the MDA and the Japan Ministry of Defense. It involved the use […]


House Panel Calls For New Space-Based Sensors To Aid Missile Defense

A key congressional panel is pushing the Department of Defense to begin developing a new fleet of space-based sensors to improve the ability of warfighters to track hostile ballistic missiles. In its portion of the fiscal year 2018 defense authorization bill, unveiled June 20, the House Armed Services Committee’s strategic forces panel calls for the […]

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MDA Asks Industry For Long Endurance UAS For Missile Defense

The U.S. Missile Defense Agency (MDA) is interested in industry’s capability to provide a High Altitude Long Endurance (HALE) unmanned aircraft for missile defense laser uses by the 2023 timeframe, the agency said last Tuesday. According to a FedBizOpps Broad Agency Announcement and Request For Information (RFI), a HALE aircraft with a greater payload capability […]

A Missile Defense Agency Ground-Based Interceptor is launched from Vandenburg Air Force Base, Calif. as part of Flight Test Ground-Based Interceptor (FTG)-15. Photo: Missile Defense Agency.

MDA Plans Nine New Kill Vehicle Interceptors, Explains Focus and Budget Request

The head of the Missile Defense Agency (MDA) told Congress on Wednesday the agency plans to begin deliveries this year of nine new Ground-Based Interceptors (GBIs) including the newly tested kill vehicles. Vice Adm. James Syring, director of the MDA, said after the recent successful FTG-15 intercept flight test, the new CE-II Block 1 Exo-atmospheric […]

A Missile Defense Agency Ground-Based Interceptor is launched from Vandenburg Air Force Base, Calif. as part of Flight Test Ground-Based Interceptor (FTG)-15. Photo: Missile Defense Agency.

Missile Defense Head Explains Test Success, Relation To Realistic Threat

Missile Defense Agency director Vice Adm. Jim Syring said on Wednesday that the Tuesday test of the Ground-based Midcourse Defense (GMD) System was realistic and replicated a real threat the agency is worried about in contrast with past failures. The briefing came a day after the first successful test of the GMD System intercepting an […]

A Ground-based Midcourse Defense interceptor launch.
Photo: Missile Defense Agency.

Missile Defense Agency Awards Boeing $1 Billion Modification For RKV Development

The Missile Defense Agency awarded Boeing [BA] a $1 billion undefinitized modification to a contract procuring Redesigned Kill Vehicle (RKV) development, the Defense Department announced Monday. The RKV is intended to make the interceptor for the Ground-based Midcourse Defense (GMD) system more reliable against long-range ballistic missiles. This is an attempt to redesign the exo-atmospheric […]

Raytheon's GaN-powered AESA air and missile defense radar. Photo: Raytheon

Raytheon Announces Successful Testing Period For New Missile Defense Radar

Defense contractor Raytheon [RTN] announced on Tuesday that their latest integrated air and missile defense radar with 360-degree capability has put in 1,000 hours of operation in the last year, about the half the amount of a typical testing period. Raytheon’s newest radar has been upgraded with a new gallium nitride (GaN) powered Active Electronically […]