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Modernization Continues At ATK Lake City Ammunition Plant

By Ann Roosevelt ATK [ATK] continues modernizing the Lake City Army Ammunition Plant in Independence, Mo., even as the plant produces about 1.4 billion cartridges a year as the primary production source for small caliber ammunition. "The only remaining small caliber Army ammunition plant is Lake City…we are considered a national asset," Randy Wisian, ATK […]

Navy Taking Steps To Becoming A More Informed Buyer

By Geoff Fein In February, Navy Secretary Donald Winter issued an eight-page memo outlining the way ahead for improvements to the service’s acquisition process. It’s hoped that the new effort will improve the way the Navy buys things…making the right decisions before making significant investments, Winter told Defense Daily in a recent interview. "One of […]

Big Hit On LHD-8 Programs Raises Execution, Management Questions

By Calvin Biesecker and Geoff Fein Northrop Grumman’s [NOC] early morning surprise yesterday that it would take $320 million to $360 million charge on the LHD-8 amphibious assault ship it is building for the Navy left some analysts discouraged about the company’s ability to overcome a series of execution issues on several large programs. "Program […]

Navy To Begin Testing Periscope Camera That Provides 360-Degree View

By Geoff Fein This summer, the Navy will begin testing a prototype advanced camera for Los Angeles-class submarine periscopes that will provide a 360-degree scan of the surrounding waters. Developed by Massachusetts-based RemoteReality, the prototype will also provide nighttime views using an infrared sensor, Dennis McGinn, chairman and chief executive officer, told Defense Daily in […]

Young Signs Joint Strike Fighter LRIP II Memo

By Emelie Rutherford Pentagon acquisition executive John Young last week signed a memo approving the purchased of six conventional-takeoff-and-landing F-35 Joint Strike Fighters for the Air Force, a source familiar with the matter said. The acquisition decision memo (ADM) from Young also conditionally OK’s buying six short-takeoff-and-vertical-landing (STOL) variants, but says that purchase cannot be […]

Navy Working To Make Intel Data Available Faster, Seamless

By Geoff Fein While there are still challenges with sharing intelligence data, not only within the United States, but with allies, efforts are being made to speed up the process and make information that is time sensitive more accessible, a Navy official said. There are challenges with classification levels and highly sensitive data, as well […]

Naval Intelligence Increasing Support To SEALs, Expeditionary Warfare

By Geoff Fein While the entire intelligence community changed as a result of the 9/11 attacks, the principle areas where Naval Intelligence expanded were capabilities in the area of human intelligence (HUMINT) as well as support to Navy special warfare and expeditionary warfare, a Navy official said. "We have, and are executing over the next […]

GAO Denied Four of Five Protests Raised By DRS On CEDS Award

By Geoff Fein A recent Government Accountability Office (GAO) decision on a DRS [DRS] protest regarding the common enterprise display system (CEDS) display consoles, denied the first four bases of protest raised by the company, but did conclude the Navy erred on the competitor’s past performance. The GAO decision led the Navy, earlier this month, […]

JSF Officials Optimistic On Foreign Partners, Welcome Report On Cost Stability

Officials steering the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) program said signs are good for Japan joining the aircraft effort, and predicted partner nations Norway and Denmark will not drop their plans. Japan has eyed the JSF program that is developing strike fighter variants for the U.S. Air Force, Navy and Marines. A group of approximately […]

Early Efforts Should Help DDG-1000 Production Avoid Other Programs’ Pitfalls

By Geoff Fein As construction on DDG-1000 gets underway in the coming year, the Navy and the two shipyards heading up the effort will have a design that is significantly further along than any previous surface combatant has ever been, according to a Navy official. When the Navy awarded the construction contracts last month to […]