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CWMD Offices Issues RFP for Helium-3 Alternative Backpack Rad/Detection Equipment

The Department of Homeland Security’s Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction (CWMD) Office has issued a Request for Proposal (RFP) for backpack-based solutions for radiological identification and data transfer that isn’t based on Helium-3 technology. DHS plans to award up to four contracts for the wearable systems under the Helium Alternative Implementation Backpack Program (HAIBP). Sol. No. 70RDND18R00000005. Respond by April 13. Contact: Ryan Buck, contract specialist,

TSA Conducting Market Research on Boarding Pass Scanner

The Transportation Security Administration is conducting market research for potential sources to manufacture, deliver and maintain Boarding Pass Scanners that will display results to the user. TSA is interested in whether small businesses can fulfill its requirement. The scanners will be used to retrieve information about a passenger’s vetting status within Secure Flight, and other relevant information stored on the barcode in the boarding pass. The desktop units must weigh less than 15-pounds and have dimensions no greater than 12-inches by 12-inches by 12-inches. Sol. No. 70T04018BPS. Contact: Jessica Quinones, contract specialist,

FAA Issues RFI for Coast Acoustic Detection Surveillance Systems

The Federal Aviation Administration, on behalf of Customs and Border Protection, has issued a Request for Information seeking to identify potential sources and or scientific advances of commercial-off-the-shelf acoustic detection systems that would extend the range and or complement existing surveillance systems in both fresh and salt water environments. CBP’s Border Patrol division wants responses to cover portability, deployment approaches, communications system, system self-protection, and rough order of magnitude acquisition and sustainment costs. Sol. No. 29683. Respond by April 6. Contact: John Hawk, FAA contracting officer,, 405-954-8321.

TSA Industry Day Coming Up

The Washington Homeland Security Roundtable and the Transportation Security Administration will host a Moving Forward with TSA industry day on April 25 at the Ronald Reagan National Airport in Northern Virginia. The upcoming meeting is another in a series of industry engagements by the agency. The meeting will begin with a dialogue with TSA Administrator David Pekoske and be followed by a discussion of operational needs and challenges with the agencies various offices, such as Requirements and Capabilities Analysis, and Acquisitions and Program Management. Sol. No. TSAOCP001. Respond by April 20. Contact:

CBP Plans to Prototype Upgrades for DHC-8 Maritime Patrol Aircraft

Customs and Border Protection’s Office of Air and Marine Operations is initiating a modification effort to design, develop, integrate and operationally test a set of upgrade requirements for prototype Bombardier DHC-8 Q200 and Q300 aircraft to form a basis for future DHC-8 fleet production conversions. The Department of Homeland Security Maritime Patrol Aircraft Joint Operational Requirements Document was developed by the DHS Joint Requirements Council’s Aviation Commonality Portfolio Team and services a baseline for future CBP and Coast Guard MPA acquisitions and upgrades to promote aviation system interworking and commonality. CBP has a fleet of seven DHC-8 aircraft. Requirements address the mission management system, operator control stations, mission management computers, tactical communications equipment, aircraft specific sensors, interfaces with aircraft navigation, and communications equipment and reliability. Sol. No. W15QKN-18-X-01WD. Respond by April 20. Contact: Trisha Fitton,, 973-724-1936.

CBP Seeks Info on Decision Tool to Find Patterns in Coast Surveillance Radar Data

The Federal Aviation Administration, on behalf of Customs and Border Protection, is conducting a market survey to identify potential sources of software to assist an operator in differentiating potential targets of interest from benign vessel traffic in an automated fashion by use of radar systems, software algorithms created from data output and operator insight. Sol. No. 29738. Respond by April 12. Contact: John Hawk,, 405-954-8321.

RFI Issued for CWMD OTA

The Joint Program Executive for Chemical and Biological Defense, Joint Project Manager Guardian has issued a Request for Information (RFI) related to the planned development of a Tactical Disablement System (TacDS) family of systems. The TacDS systems will provide a suite of tactical disablement capabilities that disable, delay, disrupt, degrade or defeat small quantities of chemical and biological materials of concern contained in munitions and bulk containers and are able to be used in a hostile environment. The TacDS is a new capability area for the CBRN enterprise. The Project Manager Guardian is requesting information from the CWMD Consortium members on their ability to provide the TacDS family of systems. Information will be sued to optimize an acquisition strategy. Sol. No. W15QKN18ZTACD. Contact: Emily Pellegrino,

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