War of Words Escalates As F-35 Engine Debate Rages In Congress

War of Words Escalates As F-35 Engine Debate Rages In Congress

By Marina Malenic

The manufacturers of an alternate F-35 Joint Strike Fighter engine yesterday criticized their opponent’s product in the wake of a showdown between the Defense Department and Capitol Hill on funding for the second engine.

Officials with the General Electric [GE] and Rolls-Royce [RR] F136 engine team said yesterday that Pratt & Whitney‘s [UTX] F135 engine is over budget and will likely incur more cost growth over the course of its development.

David Joyce, GE Aviation’s president and CEO, told reporters that the F135’s cost overruns are in excess of $2 billion. He accused Pratt & Whitney of using "diversionary tactics" to shift attention from their program’s problems.

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