Baggage handling system provider Vanderlande has acquired Canadian software firm Optosecurity in a deal that strengthens its ability to provide customers with integrated passenger screening processes at airports.

Terms of the deal, which closed in late June, were not disclosed.

Vanderlande's Optosecurity business unit introduced remote screening to the connector facility at Brussels Airport in 2015. Photo: Vanderlande
Vanderlande’s Optosecurity business unit introduced remote screening to the connector facility at Brussels Airport in 2015. Photo: Vanderlande

Netherlands-based Vanderlande is known for its automated baggage handling systems, typically used for checked bags upon departure and arrival at airports, and the company is also offering automated passenger checkpoint systems for speedier and more efficient handling of carry-on bags and parcels.

Optosecurity’s software is used to enable remote screening operations at airports. For example, the software can link together multiple X-Ray systems at a checkpoint for remote screening by operators, eliminating the need for some manpower at the checkpoint.

“The acquisition of Optosecurity supports Vanderlande’s vision of value-added integrated airport logistics systems,” Andrew Manship, Vanderlande’s executive vice president for Airports, said in a statement. “We expect the joint strength of Vanderlande’s SCANNOJET automated passenger checkpoint solution and Optosecurity’s eVelocity remote screening application to become the winning solution. “This will address the needs of our customers and add significant value in a demanding and rapidly changing global airport logistics environment. Consequently, it will increase the attractiveness of our solutions and enhance the proportion of our market share.”

Companies that provide technology to airport passenger checkpoints are increasingly looking to be able to offer their customers more integrated solutions. L3 Technologies [LLL] and OSI Systems [OSIS], which both make various kinds of screening equipment used in airports, within the past year each acquired companies that make automated screening systems that more efficiently move carry-on bags through a checkpoint and enhance security.

At least in the case L3, which acquired MacDonald Humfrey, the acquisition gave its software that also can help integrate the various sensors and technologies that are part of a checkpoint, producing new data for customers to improve business processes and security.

Optosecurity said that the acquisition by Vanderlande will allow it “to mature and expand our range of solutions.”

The McLean Group served as Optosecurity’s financial advisor on the deal.