The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is preparing to conduct qualification testing on mature explosive detection technologies capable of being employed by shippers and carriers for the air cargo screening environment within the nation’s transportation infrastructure. The agency has released a Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) seeking vendor involvement in an open window Multi-Technology Assessment (MTA), which is a laboratory and field assessment of air cargo screening equipment using live explosive threat devices across a broad range of cargo commodities. TSA will have $6 million in FY ’07 supplemental funds to lease or purchase equipment for the operational assessments. The overarching goal of the project is to provide assessment data to support recommending the use, or restricted use of air cargo screening technologies that can be used by regulated parties to screen air cargo going on passenger aircraft. The MTA will take place over five years. Submissions for small and medium aperture Advanced Technology X-Ray systems will be accepted in January 2009. Submissions for large skid-size aperture X-Ray systems will be accepted at four separate intervals beginning Aug. 18, 2008 and running through July 2010. Sol. No. HSTS04-08-BAA-ST3122. Contact: Venita Mathias, contract specialist, 571-227-1201,