The Network Centric Operations Industry Consortium

April 30, 2008

*The Network Centric Operations Industry Consortium (NCOIC) says in its new project report that every emergency response organization should be connected to a network based on Internet Protocol because it is the international common language of data communication. The NCOIC, which is a non-profit multinational corporation, proposes that communicating "everything over IP (EoIP) would be the first and most essential move toward interoperability. "We’re not talking about building a new network or asking responders to abandon their radios," says Terry Morgan, NCOIC vice chairman. "EoIP can transmit voice, video, data and text to devices and software applications they own and operate now." Another finding of the Network-enabled Emergency Response project is that there is no nationwide, map-define electronic registry of all emergency response organizations, their responsibilities and their information routing information. There is also no system that confirms a response organization’s identity and its authorization to send and receive various types of information.

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