Coast Guard Seeks Information on Wing-in-Ground Craft

The Coast Guard is seeking input from the public on wing-in-ground (WIG) craft to help assess the current state of development of the craft and technology to provide transportation support to offshore-energy facilities on the U.S. Outer Continental Shelf. The information is being sought pursuant to the fiscal year 2021 National Defense Authorization Act. The Coast Guard and Federal Aviation Administration will develop plans for a demonstration program to determine whether a WIG craft, carrying at least one individual, can provide transportation in which energy production or exploration takes place, and safely reach helidecks or platforms located on offshore energy facilities under the craft’s own power. Respond by Nov. 1. Comment at:

and type USCG-2021-0827 in the search box.

Dedrone Launches Portable Drone DTI Kit for Military, Commercial Use

Dedrone has launched DedronePortable, an all-in-one kit for drone detection, tracking and identification (DTI) on the go and is in use by militaries, government agencies and commercial entities worldwide. The new kit is being used by the Ukrainian military. The Northern Virginia-based company says its new portable kit can be set up in less than 20 minutes. DedronePortable can also be used with the company’s DroneDefender to mitigate drone threats by denying and disrupting radio-frequency bands used by most commercial and military drones. “We have been working closely with the Dedrone team and have reverse engineered the RF signature of the Russian Orlan-10 drones,” says a representative of Ukrainian military forces on the front line cited in Dedrone’s release. “Dedrone has been a great, agile partner to work with in real time.”