EchoDyne Introduces Radar for International Market; Enhances EchoGuard

Echodyne, a developer and manufacturer of low cost electronically scanned arrays, has introduced a version of its EchoGuard radar for international markets and made improvements to the radar to meet customer demands and new market opportunities. The EchoGuard International radar meets compliances requirements for European customers, opening the market in Europe. Improvements to the radar include spectrum expansion, a ruggedized radome, firmware updates and a new waveform for slow velocity resolution. Echodyne also introduced a Lightweight Deployment Kit that includes radar, computer, and batteries in a backpack weighing less than 20-pounds and provides 10 hours of intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance monitoring. “We continue to find excellent customer traction for our high-performance radars and are excited to add these new products and enhancements to the EchoGuard family,” says Eben Frankenberg, Echodyne’s CEO. EchoGuard is used in weapon systems, force protection, based and asset perimeter surveillance, and critical infrastructure security.

IDEMIA Biometric Technology Deployed with eGates at LAX

IDEMIA’s facial recognition solution has been deployed with eGates at Los Angeles International Airport’s new West Gates at the Tom Bradley International Terminal. The deployment follows a contract award by Los Angeles Word Airports to EASIER, a provider of eGate technology, to enhance passenger identification in a touchless environment. With the facial recognition technology integrated with EASIER’s SkyLanes, passengers don’t have to show their boarding pass or passport when boarding for international flights at the terminal. Under the 2019 contract, EASIER has deployed 52 SkyLanes at the West Gates and 24 SkyLanes to the existing gates at Tom Bradley International Terminal. Under the contract, a total of 128 SkyLanes will be deployed with potential expansions in other terminals.

Dedrone Provides Airspace Security for Preakness

Counter-drone company Dedrone says it provided airspace security in May during the annual Preakness horse race near Baltimore, Md. The San Francisco-based company conducted a pre-event threat assessment and provided its drone detection sensors and analytics software to identify areas of drone activity. Dedrone says that on multiple locations prior to race day, unauthorized drone pilots were detected and located with, enabling security teams to respond to potential threats in real-time. Dedrone was hired by the Maryland Jockey Club. “As the chief security officer for 1/ST and as a former chief of operations for the FBI’s Counter UAS Unit, I knew Dedrone was the ideal airspace security partner to provide detection, analytics and protection for our event,” Rob D’Amico of 1/ST said. Law enforcement issued warnings and educated drone pilots about their violations. There were no drone incursions on race day.